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About Me


I am Sophie, personal stylist and mum of 2. I truly believe we all deserve to look and feel our very best, no matter our size or shape.


Style is inclusive and helping people to “find their Spark’ and confidence again is so rewarding. It’s not just about a new wardrobe or shiny new shoes, it’s finding YOU! Finding the person you can be, you have been and focusing on yourself.


I can’t wait to help you, so what are you waiting for?


Let's start your style journey today.

Working With Me

Find your spark!

I believe in the unique beauty of every person and aspire to bring it out and show you the right choices for your body shape, lifestyle, and personality. With a daring wardrobe overhaul, you’ll be turning your closet into a secret weapon that empowers you to be at your best.


I can tell you there is no formula or exact calculation for style—just a little inspiration to realise our potential. If you are thinking about taking that extra step, I’m here to support you to see who you truly are.

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